Friday, December 31, 2010

False Eyelashes

One Way to Apply:

Another Way to Apply:

How to Remove and Take Care of your Lashes:

Sunday, December 26, 2010

* Ariellah. the most influential.

So, through my journey thus far, this is the most meaningful and influential piece I've ever seen. I know I've posted this before, but I can't help it. It means too much to me. Out of all the videos, routines, ext, this has been on top. I actually save it, and watch it on special occasions (every now & then), because it makes me tear up every single time. And it doesn't matter what I'm thinking about before watching, I will forget all about it by the end. Every single time. I loved how one person described certain sections in the piece, "like waves crashing"...
Ariellah is definitely my favorite dancer of all time, if I had to place only one at the top she has to be it. Don't get wrong, Rachel and Zoe are cloooossssse behind her.
But it's like she had total control over all of the energy in the room. I hope to create that one day... Out of everything I do, thats the one thing thats pretty high on my list, if not just barely on top.

I will probably come back to this post periodically, and write more...

but for now,

Because, I seriously can't help myself

Okay, I had the sudden urge to record my first tribal-fusion dance video. Very outta no where... I just needed to see how I was doing and how my arms are looking... I've been practicing everyday REALLLLLLY informally. Pretty much when ever the opportunity strikes I'll try something with my arms, either while cooking, eating, any place that has mirrors... nothing in public though. Except for in my car, ALL the time at work at my desk... So anywhat,
I recorded it on youtube (its hidden), Here's what I have:

- PRACTICE PRACTICE with that LEFT ARM (the fingers get stuck in a certain position a lot) Left arm is fallin' limp and hooks a lot (like a hook) - OPEN it up.

- You could loosen up a bit to get those arms more gooey, taking a course with L R would be a great idea!

- You *could* go a bit slower

- DO NOT SING THE SONG WHILE DANCING (i'm glad i'm stopping this early-and realizing this (i just didnt realize it))

Theres some things that I know will just plain take time:
- Create more lines/silhouettes
- I need more work doing 2-things at once (ab/hip + arms), but that'll come with time
- Traveling better / Foot work
- Facial expression / I can tell I'm thinking a lot about how my body looks and not so much my emotion of the song

On the OTHER hand:
+ POPS/LOCKS are wayyyyy better that I ever expected. (probably because hip hop is the only dance i've ever known and popped & locked a LOT!!!!)

+ Overall, I thought I would want to burn this video, crawl into a hole, and never ever see this video seek the surface upon anything ever again... but I was truly surprised at how much I've picked up just by watching videos over and over and over and over again.....
So, with that said I'm actually keeping it, and MAYBE when I see improvements in my next videos I'll post them all up when I'm comfortable showing my journey thus far.
I feel pretty good for just starting in October (3 months experience).

Plus my godson was baptized today, so that always makes for a beautiful day and it is a beautiful outside.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


this made me feel better....
i need to push through the holidays and continue. its just been tough because i haven't gotten much sleep, finding myself (in a particular part of life), its been snowing (horrible driving conditions), and too cold (you wanna stay inside and sleep).....

but thats still no excuse.... if its not snowing, i should be at LT doing SOMETHING. I really want to become that artist....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

frederique david... intriguing....

Sooooo... I wanna see more....
I LOVE her mind.... it reminds me of myself...
I wanna see more of her dancing but I can't find anything...

True Colors TV Presents Interpretive Bellydancer Frederique David from Rosalyn Fay on Vimeo.

♥ pure elastic

I was there at the Bohemian Underground Turkey Teaser... I am soooo happy to see this performance got posted! This, and one other performance (a more traditional middle eastern dancer), were my favorites. I can't tell you what it felt like to be there in person, watching her dance, It almost made me cry, I literally had to hold back tears. She was like "gumbi"/total elastic, which fit so well with the song, as if her bones were actually cracking and breaking... And she totally encompassed this song, she was the song... I did not see one disconnect. Not to mention the song is so beautiful. I truly crown her as my number 1 favorite belly dancer I've seen from MN. I first found her videos on youtube, and I could tell she was very talented - MNPride, and I had no idea she was going to perform at the Turkey Teaser. And she stepped out and I was sooo happy..... I guess you could say this was one of those, what they call "magical" performances for me... And its sooooo exciting to hear that this was improv, god, I feel like "yessss improv IS amazing, and Now I have 100% proof" I hope to get to see her perform again soon.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Interview with Ariellah - 2010: The Flavours of Tribal Fusion

This describes everything I've been feeling about Ariellah's dance. I was questioning myself, I was like she dances with so much emotion. This article is everything I've been wanting to hear.


I went and worked out on my own today at lifetime, and man i tell ya, you realy dont feel like feeding your body bad things thatll screw up all that work you just did. But I'm really proud of myself, I did 30mins of cardio (15mins eliptical and 15mins cycle).. and 30 mins strength training.
The best part about going there, is you know you're working on yourself to become an artist. And its really nice that you have so many resources and that you can really focus on doing the best workout you can give yourself. Without ANY distractions.
I'm so glad I went I can already tell a difference. (I'm hardly aching at all - whereas the first time I was down for 4 days) I think I'm doing well. :)

Very Proud.

Dom, its really fun to work on yourself. Just put on your headphones and know why you're there. ♥

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

tuesdays class

Key to hip drops (w/ the leg kicking out):
Keep the head level (it should not bob up and down)
So you're really getting a real stretch and separation. and it doesnt matter what your foot looks like dropping its about the HIP.

WITH EVERYTHING, the faster you go the smaller the movements, the slower you go the bigger the movements----- I was doing basic egyptian second version, thinking my leg had to be really out there-no it doesn't if your going fast your leg is gonna be closer together.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Jamila Salimpour & "Tribal Belly Dancing" (aka Ren fest as I see it)

Jamila Salimpour Bellydancing History Legends Belly Dance - Watch more Funny Videos

Jamila Salimpour

Its kind of like Jamila made belly dancing accessable to people in America. She developed the vocabulary (example: "basic egyptian" ext)
The first students to learn this structed format was during the 1960's and 70's. That is soooo incredible to me!!! This stuff is wayyy newer than I thought, of course the tribes where she picked this up from wasn't new. But to Americans gosh this is fairly new. I really can't believe it!

Born in 1926. And what she teaches is a composite of the best dancers that she's ever seen and got to train with Turkish, Egyptian dancers...ext.

When she discovered Ren Fest, she found this as the perfect opportunity to create her own version of Middle Eastern entertainment.--which seperated the nightclub cabaret dance scene that was going on at the time. So she included live music belly dancers snakes swords and tattoos drawing from her Ringling Brothers and Bailey circus experience. Her Bal Anat dance company came out, and ALL THIS EQUALLED = "tribal Style"/"ethnic Style" belly dancing. It was part fantasy - kinda history and her own creativity.

Masha Archer was in Bal Anat who was Carolena Nericcio's teacher.

Jamila Salimpour believes that today’s dancers should "Do it all, learn it all". "Take Ballet, take jazz," she would say, to her students with a sparkle in her eye. "Who do you think drove Suhaila to jazz and ballet all those years?” taken from:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

dear dom,
i went to life time today to the personal training session.... LT is normal, everyone minds their own business, you get into a routine, and you Always, Always remember what you're there for--Art. and its just plain Normal. You get into your own head.

Understand that all the work you do, is to become a different kind of artist.

That is what you should be thinking when you do those push ups, when your in the weight-training session, when your in the classes, when you run on the treadmill-- Your Art. Your journey.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

image by sonia ochoa

Look at this work!! My goodness
samantha emanuel

samantha emanuel
I just really like this photograph

Love her persistence with speed. and plus i like her music choices.


I had a dream, that I was in general mills, where they have temporary kiosk, and they had belly dancers every day at a certain time... I got up and danced, it was a great feeling.... 1 woman came up to me telling me how good i was, and my mom got to see me and compliments me on a move... For some reason I could shimmy perfectly. I wore a very long black workout hoodie! (the one I bought from target but longer) All improv, and I danced with 2 women, and then they stopped and I danced by myself majority of the time.... and this dream shows me that I want to preform, even if i did only do a total of 3 moves hehe. :)

Unfortunately I'm not sure if i'll be taking Winter session belly dance classes, because this winter has been pretty nasty, and its going to be really hard tryin' to get out to Minneapolis every week in crazy snow. I had to miss today, but I worked out my ass off!!!! One dancers 1hr routine, 5 min cardio, and like 5 mins of this hip hop cardio video. I SLAMMED the sheets almost immediately afterwards, hence me dream...

I'm really really tryin'....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I've had to watch this video at least a hundred-million times, so I need to archive it. :)
I love the first song choice in this video. Lovely....

What this shows me, is to take your time.... We as an audience will wait, like I learned in acting... We will stay in the present with you.

I'm going to start posting my favorite costume designs, as inspiration! :) I've always Loved that first design picture *Rachel Brice*.

I'm posting this, because its so weird to me, but it works some how... Its almost provocative in a way... But again it works somehow..

Friday, November 26, 2010

to ground tribal fusion

I am a bit hesitant to put this up... but its to ground what I love about tribal fusion belly dancing... its to grasp a full understanding of this is the style I chose. And I'm grounded.

All fast hips.
(P.S. I love the song they dance to... I like this music a bit more than some...
*crosses fingers-I hope I have some Egyptian blood in me somewhere....* hehe)

American Tribal.
more "earthy" with the costumes, Think "Ethnic Sting" music.
Arms are higher, more still straight.

American Cabaret.
Very glitzy!

The movements are like American Tribal, but the costume and music is different, and there seems to be more repeated movements. Faster, music... Of course, Greek music.

.... I'll add more later.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Intriguing performance of the night....

She had me...
but i stopped at 3:06 :( sorry

But what I love about this performance, is that every move has a reason & purpose for being there.... Improv or Choreographed, Its something to keep in mind.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


all i can say right now... is that i am so happy to be starting my practice.
I went to lifetime, I'm getting a personal plan from a personal trainer, because i want my body better fit for dance.

I'm just really excited about my practice... I can't wait to see what I create.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

best hands, mardi love.

she has the best hands. also shows that subtly can be very beautiful in a performance.
plus i love this song.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rachel Brice.

It was only a matter of time I was going to post this...
This is the first tribal fusion video I had ever seen, and I was hooked immediately... I've just recently came back to this video watching it a lot lately...

So beautiful... And so on point!
I love how she walks away in the middle of the performance and its like the music catches her again, It has to be my favorite part along with what immediately follows that.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My first Workshop w/ D. Rubin

What I've Learned today:

I'm TIRED. Haha. I took the Dance Therapeutics for Upper body & Healthy Backbends.
I took it because, its one part of my body but I need more work on...
What I've learned.... We described what we loved about our favorite dancers, and that we can be all those adjectives as well. That felt really good.
And she asked us why we love dancing, what our goals are, what makes us unique, ext... It was really really nice to have that. starting out.
*I can be just as inspiring as my favorite dancers are to me.

*Yoga Practice, Yoga Practice, Yoga Practice. That was 3/4's of the class. Getting that flexibility and relaxation in the body. *Left hand behind your back, roll left shoulder in circles. Left hand behind your back (lower back, all the way up to the upper back), press hard on neck muscle where its tight, move head side to side (left, right, left). You should feel a stretch in the muscle. Should circles while doing this.

*Healthy back bends involve a tight/stable lower abs, and keep your chin forward so your head is stable as well. The flexibility in the bend is should be within the chest to mid-abs. You get out of a back bend by moving your head forward first, then the rest of the body will follow. On your knees, breathe in shoulders back/extend head/neck, breathe out shoulders forward... each time move back a little bit. -- Afterwards go into child's pose.

*Snake arms, I was on the right track by extending the shoulder and pulling in the shoulders.

Interesting insight: Crazy things they didn't think they could do during a performance that they didn't prepare their bodies for on stage.

*During your practice, you must drill, drill, drill, everyday to keep up with it. If someone doesn't do shimmies every wk she looses it. Its body memory. She said some of the most inspiring dancers, also friends, work their asses off (100 shimmies, ext). Remember that. Continue to drill. Put on some music and drill.

Quote of the Day: "Use your Yoga practice while dancing!"

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nuts Technique.

A Lesson

  1. A dancer must own the music, the song. They must be able to contain all of it, The song can never be larger than the dancer.
  2. I believe in the end, its all about the music, and your connection with it. The stronger the connection, the better the performance. Dancing allows me to explore music, and the songs that I'm passionate about. Its like your so in love with this song, its like, "What do I do with it?" I need to do something with it.
  3. I was not inspired last night, why? None of them owned the songs, the songs were larger than them. They could not control it. I felt they were just DANCING. "1, and 2, and 3 and 4." Technically, good. I have never seen anyone use clams? instead of cymbals, that was the most inspiring thing of the night. And sometimes just the music choice itself is uninspiring
  4. Whats the difference between a good Tribal Fusion dancer and an excellent one? Character/Connection/Energy, Flexibility, and Strength (the ability to control every inch of your body).

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Lesson Learned

1. Always stretch before and after dancing. (Even if you just decide to do a lil dancing in the mirror for 3-5 songs)

I danced for the first time last night without stretching before and after. I now have a sharp, throbbing pain in my upper shoulder next to my neck. I tried massaging it and stretching it-it's not giving up. I'm taking motrin to ease the pain. But I'm never doing it again. It really hurts.

Lesson Learned.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


  • Queen of Shiva Walk
  • Head slide
  • Basic Shoulder Roll
  • Shoulder Roll with Persian arms (the move that looks really good with a 'back bend'-arms are parallel)
  • Snake Arms (Elbo, wrist, elbo, wrist, palms are always towards body, you should only see your thumbs (not a half'a hand))
  • Sea weed Arms (the arms that we did with the figure-8 hips, that frame the hips, where you just move your arms below the elbows)
  • Shoulder push (slow version of shoulder shimmies) & Shoulder shimmies ("boobie" wiggle)
  • Rib slide & Rib circle (isolate just moving your ribs, left front right back=circle, *your hips don't move*)
  • Hip shimmy
  • "Type writer"-hip drop (4 hip drops-lika a type writer then returns back to the start)
  • Hip thrust & Hip thrust with walking (UP!) leg forward, moving your hip forward (like the 'reverse-hip-drop')

  • Basic Egyptian (Step, hip thrust...) (Personal Tip: Keep knees slightly bent and i can keep my extended foot closer to give more push, Dont let toe come off the ground)

  • Basic Egyptian First Variation (Basic Egyptian, leg forward, leg back, leg forward, walk,...ext)
  • Agitator Shimmy (Washing machine thing, keep hips as one, and horizontal and just TWIST your hips think of a washing machine)
  • Traveling Twist (Agitator shimmy walking) (Left right left, right left right) on balls of the feet

  • Hip drop (aka Hip push) & Hip drop with the kick 'fling' (DOWN!) (its about the hip being able to drop LOWER than a normal hip drop--your leg is in the way)
  • Horizontal Hip circles and Hip circles while walking
  • Omi's (comes from the abs/gluteal (butt muscles), OR from the leg muscles--Abs/gluts will give you more advantages with level variations in the long run)


  • Figure 8
  • Mini back-bends
  • Finger symbols (Right, left, right, 1, 2, 3, "Are you there? Are you there?"... - to - finger symbols with Basic Egyptian First Variation) (finger symbols with Basic Egyptian and Basic Egyptian Variation 1) ("Boc La Va, Boc La Very Very Good Yes it is")
  • Grape Vine walk/glide (sliding to the right>you place your left leg in front and behind the right leg)
  • 5-step walk-thing (Right, Left-Right,Left,Right-Left, Right...ext... or 1, 2-1, 2, 3-1, 2-1, 2, 3.... right leg goes behind the left leg (1), stomp with your left leg (2)-then return the right leg back next to the left, stomp (1, 2, 3), then left leg goes behind the right leg (1), stomp with your right leg (2)....ext, ext)
  • Simple walk across the floor - Left, right, left right left right - on the balls of your feet, heels up, and - dont bounce, keep everything quiet except hips

So valuable: Substitute teacher told us about the song we were dancing to, It was about a woman and shes in love with this country boy, yet shes telling him don't fuck me though!
So, the next time we danced, she was saying to
embody that character. Embody the song. She was so inspiring by how she loved the song so much that moves just flew out of her body.... And it was all in her Attitude.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So it seems to me that I have fallen for Solace. I'm always drawn to performances that are danced to them....
The best sward performance I've seen yet.....

Most intriguing performance of the night....

I know I enjoy a dancer very much, when they can draw me in for more than 30 seconds....
I have to enjoy the music, and I have to enjoy her interpretation.. and get chills.

Although, tonight, nothing can compare to Ariellah's Tribal Fusion performance to Solace...
Hands down, its going to be very tough to beat... Every single time I watch that performance, I get chills, it's so perfect.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

tips that have helped me

to move across the floor, "My intentions are to get to this certain point" "My goal is to get to a certain point" and your body will move naturally to that spot.

Always remember starting pose. Keep things quiet.

Rest your arms where they feel most natural.

Left, Right, Left... Left, Right, Left....ext (finger cymbols)

Very Important... BREATHE.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tribal Revolution DVD

when i'm watching i feel like this is meant for someone higher than I...
she stays to herself, I love her levels.... I'm really intrigued... The song choice was great...
but i felt like she was actually dancing, (hmmm not speaking or signing...) rather than interpreting like i see in Rachel & Zoe.
She kind of scared me a bit and she made me pay close attention well, all of them do...which is what I love about it.... The subtleness... thats what I love...
Ariellah works with more levels in comparison to others. She seems lonely...

Zoe Jakes

I LOVE what someone wrote and said Zoe's aura (expressions & movement (stern, ageless...) is more of a dragon, and Rachel is more like a snake....
I couldn't describe it better....
She also reminds me of a caged...

I love learning and studying the differences within dancers....
They all have a voice and the attitude is that voice...

I want to travel into my voice...

I love watching and I want to take each step at a time, I want to first build muscle & flexibility, that is my first goal. To build muscle to be able to move in such precise ways, to have full control over your body.... And maybe thats another thing I like... I love the feeling of trusting yourself and your body, like in gymnastics you have to really trust yourself that you will land right or else.... Its sultry and I needed that too...

I love their voices, and I love studing all the little things...

I also find what attracts me to a dancer is the kind of music they choose.... Because its all about their interpretation of the song... And its such an amazing feeling when they hear the same things you hear.... Like fast pace beats, I see that as slow... always have.....

I read a quote once, "Dancing reveals what music cannot...."