Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nuts Technique.

A Lesson

  1. A dancer must own the music, the song. They must be able to contain all of it, The song can never be larger than the dancer.
  2. I believe in the end, its all about the music, and your connection with it. The stronger the connection, the better the performance. Dancing allows me to explore music, and the songs that I'm passionate about. Its like your so in love with this song, its like, "What do I do with it?" I need to do something with it.
  3. I was not inspired last night, why? None of them owned the songs, the songs were larger than them. They could not control it. I felt they were just DANCING. "1, and 2, and 3 and 4." Technically, good. I have never seen anyone use clams? instead of cymbals, that was the most inspiring thing of the night. And sometimes just the music choice itself is uninspiring
  4. Whats the difference between a good Tribal Fusion dancer and an excellent one? Character/Connection/Energy, Flexibility, and Strength (the ability to control every inch of your body).

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Lesson Learned

1. Always stretch before and after dancing. (Even if you just decide to do a lil dancing in the mirror for 3-5 songs)

I danced for the first time last night without stretching before and after. I now have a sharp, throbbing pain in my upper shoulder next to my neck. I tried massaging it and stretching it-it's not giving up. I'm taking motrin to ease the pain. But I'm never doing it again. It really hurts.

Lesson Learned.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


  • Queen of Shiva Walk
  • Head slide
  • Basic Shoulder Roll
  • Shoulder Roll with Persian arms (the move that looks really good with a 'back bend'-arms are parallel)
  • Snake Arms (Elbo, wrist, elbo, wrist, palms are always towards body, you should only see your thumbs (not a half'a hand))
  • Sea weed Arms (the arms that we did with the figure-8 hips, that frame the hips, where you just move your arms below the elbows)
  • Shoulder push (slow version of shoulder shimmies) & Shoulder shimmies ("boobie" wiggle)
  • Rib slide & Rib circle (isolate just moving your ribs, left front right back=circle, *your hips don't move*)
  • Hip shimmy
  • "Type writer"-hip drop (4 hip drops-lika a type writer then returns back to the start)
  • Hip thrust & Hip thrust with walking (UP!) leg forward, moving your hip forward (like the 'reverse-hip-drop')

  • Basic Egyptian (Step, hip thrust...) (Personal Tip: Keep knees slightly bent and i can keep my extended foot closer to give more push, Dont let toe come off the ground)

  • Basic Egyptian First Variation (Basic Egyptian, leg forward, leg back, leg forward, walk,...ext)
  • Agitator Shimmy (Washing machine thing, keep hips as one, and horizontal and just TWIST your hips think of a washing machine)
  • Traveling Twist (Agitator shimmy walking) (Left right left, right left right) on balls of the feet

  • Hip drop (aka Hip push) & Hip drop with the kick 'fling' (DOWN!) (its about the hip being able to drop LOWER than a normal hip drop--your leg is in the way)
  • Horizontal Hip circles and Hip circles while walking
  • Omi's (comes from the abs/gluteal (butt muscles), OR from the leg muscles--Abs/gluts will give you more advantages with level variations in the long run)


  • Figure 8
  • Mini back-bends
  • Finger symbols (Right, left, right, 1, 2, 3, "Are you there? Are you there?"... - to - finger symbols with Basic Egyptian First Variation) (finger symbols with Basic Egyptian and Basic Egyptian Variation 1) ("Boc La Va, Boc La Very Very Good Yes it is")
  • Grape Vine walk/glide (sliding to the right>you place your left leg in front and behind the right leg)
  • 5-step walk-thing (Right, Left-Right,Left,Right-Left, Right...ext... or 1, 2-1, 2, 3-1, 2-1, 2, 3.... right leg goes behind the left leg (1), stomp with your left leg (2)-then return the right leg back next to the left, stomp (1, 2, 3), then left leg goes behind the right leg (1), stomp with your right leg (2)....ext, ext)
  • Simple walk across the floor - Left, right, left right left right - on the balls of your feet, heels up, and - dont bounce, keep everything quiet except hips

So valuable: Substitute teacher told us about the song we were dancing to, It was about a woman and shes in love with this country boy, yet shes telling him don't fuck me though!
So, the next time we danced, she was saying to
embody that character. Embody the song. She was so inspiring by how she loved the song so much that moves just flew out of her body.... And it was all in her Attitude.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So it seems to me that I have fallen for Solace. I'm always drawn to performances that are danced to them....
The best sward performance I've seen yet.....

Most intriguing performance of the night....

I know I enjoy a dancer very much, when they can draw me in for more than 30 seconds....
I have to enjoy the music, and I have to enjoy her interpretation.. and get chills.

Although, tonight, nothing can compare to Ariellah's Tribal Fusion performance to Solace...
Hands down, its going to be very tough to beat... Every single time I watch that performance, I get chills, it's so perfect.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

tips that have helped me

to move across the floor, "My intentions are to get to this certain point" "My goal is to get to a certain point" and your body will move naturally to that spot.

Always remember starting pose. Keep things quiet.

Rest your arms where they feel most natural.

Left, Right, Left... Left, Right, Left....ext (finger cymbols)

Very Important... BREATHE.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tribal Revolution DVD

when i'm watching i feel like this is meant for someone higher than I...
she stays to herself, I love her levels.... I'm really intrigued... The song choice was great...
but i felt like she was actually dancing, (hmmm not speaking or signing...) rather than interpreting like i see in Rachel & Zoe.
She kind of scared me a bit and she made me pay close attention well, all of them do...which is what I love about it.... The subtleness... thats what I love...
Ariellah works with more levels in comparison to others. She seems lonely...

Zoe Jakes

I LOVE what someone wrote and said Zoe's aura (expressions & movement (stern, ageless...) is more of a dragon, and Rachel is more like a snake....
I couldn't describe it better....
She also reminds me of a caged...

I love learning and studying the differences within dancers....
They all have a voice and the attitude is that voice...

I want to travel into my voice...

I love watching and I want to take each step at a time, I want to first build muscle & flexibility, that is my first goal. To build muscle to be able to move in such precise ways, to have full control over your body.... And maybe thats another thing I like... I love the feeling of trusting yourself and your body, like in gymnastics you have to really trust yourself that you will land right or else.... Its sultry and I needed that too...

I love their voices, and I love studing all the little things...

I also find what attracts me to a dancer is the kind of music they choose.... Because its all about their interpretation of the song... And its such an amazing feeling when they hear the same things you hear.... Like fast pace beats, I see that as slow... always have.....

I read a quote once, "Dancing reveals what music cannot...."