Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I had a dream, that I was in general mills, where they have temporary kiosk, and they had belly dancers every day at a certain time... I got up and danced, it was a great feeling.... 1 woman came up to me telling me how good i was, and my mom got to see me and compliments me on a move... For some reason I could shimmy perfectly. I wore a very long black workout hoodie! (the one I bought from target but longer) All improv, and I danced with 2 women, and then they stopped and I danced by myself majority of the time.... and this dream shows me that I want to preform, even if i did only do a total of 3 moves hehe. :)

Unfortunately I'm not sure if i'll be taking Winter session belly dance classes, because this winter has been pretty nasty, and its going to be really hard tryin' to get out to Minneapolis every week in crazy snow. I had to miss today, but I worked out my ass off!!!! One dancers 1hr routine, 5 min cardio, and like 5 mins of this hip hop cardio video. I SLAMMED the sheets almost immediately afterwards, hence me dream...

I'm really really tryin'....

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