Sunday, November 14, 2010

My first Workshop w/ D. Rubin

What I've Learned today:

I'm TIRED. Haha. I took the Dance Therapeutics for Upper body & Healthy Backbends.
I took it because, its one part of my body but I need more work on...
What I've learned.... We described what we loved about our favorite dancers, and that we can be all those adjectives as well. That felt really good.
And she asked us why we love dancing, what our goals are, what makes us unique, ext... It was really really nice to have that. starting out.
*I can be just as inspiring as my favorite dancers are to me.

*Yoga Practice, Yoga Practice, Yoga Practice. That was 3/4's of the class. Getting that flexibility and relaxation in the body. *Left hand behind your back, roll left shoulder in circles. Left hand behind your back (lower back, all the way up to the upper back), press hard on neck muscle where its tight, move head side to side (left, right, left). You should feel a stretch in the muscle. Should circles while doing this.

*Healthy back bends involve a tight/stable lower abs, and keep your chin forward so your head is stable as well. The flexibility in the bend is should be within the chest to mid-abs. You get out of a back bend by moving your head forward first, then the rest of the body will follow. On your knees, breathe in shoulders back/extend head/neck, breathe out shoulders forward... each time move back a little bit. -- Afterwards go into child's pose.

*Snake arms, I was on the right track by extending the shoulder and pulling in the shoulders.

Interesting insight: Crazy things they didn't think they could do during a performance that they didn't prepare their bodies for on stage.

*During your practice, you must drill, drill, drill, everyday to keep up with it. If someone doesn't do shimmies every wk she looses it. Its body memory. She said some of the most inspiring dancers, also friends, work their asses off (100 shimmies, ext). Remember that. Continue to drill. Put on some music and drill.

Quote of the Day: "Use your Yoga practice while dancing!"

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