Friday, November 26, 2010

to ground tribal fusion

I am a bit hesitant to put this up... but its to ground what I love about tribal fusion belly dancing... its to grasp a full understanding of this is the style I chose. And I'm grounded.

All fast hips.
(P.S. I love the song they dance to... I like this music a bit more than some...
*crosses fingers-I hope I have some Egyptian blood in me somewhere....* hehe)

American Tribal.
more "earthy" with the costumes, Think "Ethnic Sting" music.
Arms are higher, more still straight.

American Cabaret.
Very glitzy!

The movements are like American Tribal, but the costume and music is different, and there seems to be more repeated movements. Faster, music... Of course, Greek music.

.... I'll add more later.

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