Sunday, December 26, 2010

Because, I seriously can't help myself

Okay, I had the sudden urge to record my first tribal-fusion dance video. Very outta no where... I just needed to see how I was doing and how my arms are looking... I've been practicing everyday REALLLLLLY informally. Pretty much when ever the opportunity strikes I'll try something with my arms, either while cooking, eating, any place that has mirrors... nothing in public though. Except for in my car, ALL the time at work at my desk... So anywhat,
I recorded it on youtube (its hidden), Here's what I have:

- PRACTICE PRACTICE with that LEFT ARM (the fingers get stuck in a certain position a lot) Left arm is fallin' limp and hooks a lot (like a hook) - OPEN it up.

- You could loosen up a bit to get those arms more gooey, taking a course with L R would be a great idea!

- You *could* go a bit slower

- DO NOT SING THE SONG WHILE DANCING (i'm glad i'm stopping this early-and realizing this (i just didnt realize it))

Theres some things that I know will just plain take time:
- Create more lines/silhouettes
- I need more work doing 2-things at once (ab/hip + arms), but that'll come with time
- Traveling better / Foot work
- Facial expression / I can tell I'm thinking a lot about how my body looks and not so much my emotion of the song

On the OTHER hand:
+ POPS/LOCKS are wayyyyy better that I ever expected. (probably because hip hop is the only dance i've ever known and popped & locked a LOT!!!!)

+ Overall, I thought I would want to burn this video, crawl into a hole, and never ever see this video seek the surface upon anything ever again... but I was truly surprised at how much I've picked up just by watching videos over and over and over and over again.....
So, with that said I'm actually keeping it, and MAYBE when I see improvements in my next videos I'll post them all up when I'm comfortable showing my journey thus far.
I feel pretty good for just starting in October (3 months experience).

Plus my godson was baptized today, so that always makes for a beautiful day and it is a beautiful outside.

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