Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jamila Salimpour & "Tribal Belly Dancing" (aka Ren fest as I see it)

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Jamila Salimpour

Its kind of like Jamila made belly dancing accessable to people in America. She developed the vocabulary (example: "basic egyptian" ext)
The first students to learn this structed format was during the 1960's and 70's. That is soooo incredible to me!!! This stuff is wayyy newer than I thought, of course the tribes where she picked this up from wasn't new. But to Americans gosh this is fairly new. I really can't believe it!

Born in 1926. And what she teaches is a composite of the best dancers that she's ever seen and got to train with Turkish, Egyptian dancers...ext.

When she discovered Ren Fest, she found this as the perfect opportunity to create her own version of Middle Eastern entertainment.--which seperated the nightclub cabaret dance scene that was going on at the time. So she included live music belly dancers snakes swords and tattoos drawing from her Ringling Brothers and Bailey circus experience. Her Bal Anat dance company came out, and ALL THIS EQUALLED = "tribal Style"/"ethnic Style" belly dancing. It was part fantasy - kinda history and her own creativity.

Masha Archer was in Bal Anat who was Carolena Nericcio's teacher.

Jamila Salimpour believes that today’s dancers should "Do it all, learn it all". "Take Ballet, take jazz," she would say, to her students with a sparkle in her eye. "Who do you think drove Suhaila to jazz and ballet all those years?” taken from:

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