Thursday, December 9, 2010


I went and worked out on my own today at lifetime, and man i tell ya, you realy dont feel like feeding your body bad things thatll screw up all that work you just did. But I'm really proud of myself, I did 30mins of cardio (15mins eliptical and 15mins cycle).. and 30 mins strength training.
The best part about going there, is you know you're working on yourself to become an artist. And its really nice that you have so many resources and that you can really focus on doing the best workout you can give yourself. Without ANY distractions.
I'm so glad I went I can already tell a difference. (I'm hardly aching at all - whereas the first time I was down for 4 days) I think I'm doing well. :)

Very Proud.

Dom, its really fun to work on yourself. Just put on your headphones and know why you're there. ♥

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