Monday, December 26, 2011

Live The Dream: Building a Career in the Games Industry - GamesU 2009

Found this through a post, -- making a parallel to belly dance...

Expensive hobby or career choice?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dance reflection

Dear Diary,
Haha, Diary... Well, kind of.

So much has happened since, I first started this blog and taking classes.
I remember not understanding or knowing the any of the differences between belly dance styles...
As I've stated before I have never been happier.
Right now is the happiest place I've ever been in my life.
Because I'm around other women that see a vision and see the same thing I do in dance! I've made great friends in this troupe and yes, a sisterhood. Dance was fulfilling to begin with but, I know that right now, I'm meant to be here. This present.

I don't like getting too personal on my blogs, because I have no idea who even reads this shit. hmm if there is, I say "hello! welcome!" (okay weird) anyway

I dont know I have a diary for pen and paper sitting in my room.... yea

Fat Chance Belly Dance NIMBY pt 1 Feb 20 2010

Very entertaining <3 <3 <3

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Woo! So What's the exclusiveness?

Sneak peak at my first handcrafted top! 
I'm making it for my first performance with the Bobo's, which is in 8 days--Dress Rehearsal in 5 days! I just found out that we're really preforming 2 days ago! Yeah, get to creative work! lol
I'm pretty proud. This only cost me $60. ($30 for the swimsuit, $30 for fabric)
All the rest was jewelry my mom and I were going to get rid of!
But I ending up making the jewelry design in about an hour, and the fabric placement took about 30-45mins. 
Honestly I thought it'd take way longer and didn't realize that I'm better at just collecting jewelry trinkets and then spreading everything out and saying these are the colors (Gold and Red), and then Run with it!

Of course there will always be those last minute decisions , but this is pretty much the final piece! a few things here and there maybe moved but--I'm really proud of myself. You have no idea how scared I was at making something... The things that seem the easiest may be some of the hardest things to do. I'm happy I was able to execute my vision and make something that I love!

Now all I have to do is sew find a belt and makeshift skirt and scarfs. 
I can not wait to put this on for the first time!!!!! And it FITS!!! That's the best part you don't find very many 32A or 32AA,  pre-made.

Monday, November 28, 2011




How to keep glitter in place! :)

Mixing Medium Shine$19.50
Mixing Medium Shine

(?) I think thats it

Starry Eyes and How to Cut Your Crease!

Reblogging from the GypsyKiss

Shadow Insurance$18
Too Faced Shadow Insurance: Concealer/Shadow Base

NYXpd-detailMain-2216080 $6.99
Eye Shadow Base White
A product thumbnail of Sparkle Effect Loose Glitter Blue Lagoon$0.99
Sally Girl Loose Glitter,default,pd.html?cm_vc=SEARCH

MAC 242 Brush

L'Oreal's HIP Color Truth Cream Eye Liner: BLACK
+Liner Brush

Small Flat Shadow brush

MAC's Carbon Eye Shadow: Matte Black

MAC's Eye Shadow: Deep Truth

Fluffy Brush

MAC: Vanilla Eye Shadow

MAC: Nilon Eye Shadow

Saiidi - Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Michelle Campbell

Return of the Stars - Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Michelle Campbell

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Club Bellydance

Do I went to see the Bellydance Super Stars, Club Belly dance a few months ago...I wrote on my phone but now I'm going to type out what I wrote:

What separates them and makes them BDSS:

  • Body Coordinated
  • Costumes
  • Facial expressions
  • Choreography is fantastic
  • Great makeup like real stage makeup not like, "mom makeup for a performance"
  • Bodies are built
  • They pick songs that look good on their bodies, it literally looks like their body is playing the music
  • You can tell bellydance is engrained in their bodies
  • They are obviously well versed in other dance styles (spins, mainly like jazz/ballet/contemporary)
  • I loved Sabrina in person!!!!, she took her time (the other dancers were too spinny and hyper all over the place)
  • They were great actresses (They'd sing the words and truly understood the songs within their bodies)
  • They are very present
  • Their styles were very apparent
  • Loved the solos
  • Super glittery bodies

Other troupes/dance companies: Less individuality, Not as great choreo, Too many on the stage

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Member of the Bourgeois Bohemians!

I didn't really realize that I hadn't announced in my blog that as of last Sunday...

I'm very proud to announce that I am now a new dance member of
The Bourgeois Bohemians!
First show coming up in Dec! And so happy to be apart of such an amazing company lead by my ultra genius talented teacher Lesley Inman!

Check us out @

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zoe. + Logic- Just Another Day



I think I watched Zoe's dancing w/ Sir's song at least 10 times....
And I dunno how many times I've listened to just another day... but when I listen to a song i really like I start thinking about how i'd dance to it.... and somehow zoe's video popped in my head...

i think this song has the vibe of how i've been feeling lately... just... yea know -_- ......

truthfully i've been so focused on dance these last few days... and been so in love, i can't leave it but at the same time i feel like "what are thinking? you're supposed to be working on your business... n shit..."
I just feel terrible

but when i listen to this song and her dancing, it fills some kind of void.... it fills something....  >_>

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Xonxano Baro - Financee's Dream

Wish i was there to see this live. but it's great to see what they did with the song.
Sooooo lovely and such a lovely song! i really like this

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Interesting Quote

 "Whatever you practice, that's what your performances will look like."
- Shira, on

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sharon Kihara LA..

Saw this in one of my facebook feeds, it totally made my day over the most stressful week.
It calms me, slows me down... It's real.
It seems real to me for some real. Like this is what is beauty.

hm. stress = ?

Is it a bad thing when I feel like when I'm under extreme stress and working off of 3 hours of sleep, I feel like I'm doing something with my life... or I'm getting things actually accomplished. And when I'm not stressed, I feel like I'm a bump on a log...

Some how I don't think that's healthy.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Why Bellydance...

Why Bellydance?
Going through the photography process again... It's exploding the love I have for bellydance. And why I fell so in love with it.  Without explaining the whole journey to bellydance... I'm just going to explain whats most relevant..

Dance has always given me joy in hard times... I could be having the worst day but if I youtube it up, I guarantee my spirits will be lifted.

Belly dance feels right to me, no other dance form does the same thing. I love how in touch I feel in dance posture. I love feeling my weight against the ground. Interpreting music. Having full control over your practice. Getting better by your own deeds.
Seeing empowered woman of all sizes and ages dancing.  Seeing the heavy set woman, and crying over how beautiful her performance was.  Finding and feeling that peace within myself through dance.  Keeping my mind sharp.  Its not about the chaos of time, so-n-so didn't email me back the outside world. It takes time to get better and to become great! And I surprisingly accept this with all my heart.  This is the *only* thing I have ever accepted patience with.  It's much more quiet. I CAN FOCUS ON THE ART. Solely on the Art. Nothing else. That's what its about. And NOBODY can take this art away from me. Art WILL get made, as long as I, and only I do it. Belly dance allows me to create extremely freely! Dance is open space. Open space. Not all art forms are like that!

Going back to the worries I had on dance.. I say, Look at the sheer creative freedom.  Look at your schedule.  There is no explaining your concept to other people to hopefully hop on board, that's extremely limiting to your creative ability.  But with dance, its a personal journey. Love yourself! Love what moves you've leaned!
Don't focus so much on what other people are doing, Watch the people that truly inspire you to dance. Don't watch or take a class because so-n-so telling me to. NO, this is your *own* journey and nobody else's! Do what feels right.

It's about self love and personal journey.
That's what it's about for me.
I'm developing a renewed appreciation. <3
And I have a smile shining on my face...

Mahafsoun Metal Bellydance ~ Septicflesh {Apocalypse}

Metal and Belly dance done right!

I LOVE This.
And I love that she doesn't label herself with a style.
It's about the music.

In the case I ever forget, Why I Left Photography.

Seriously I do forget sometimes why I left. You think to yourself, oh it couldn't have been that bad!?!? ... After a year+ long hiatus, I now remember why I took it...

As I move forward in my retouching business... I now understand the choices I have made in becoming a retoucher and a student of dance.
What photography brings me...
Conceptualizing is a strong suite of mine, in any form of art.
But it's the process after the concept...
There is nothing worse than having to rely on other people in order to create your art. Period.
Your hard work is literally nothing, as in the ART LITERALLY WILL NOT GET MADE if you don't at the very least have a model.
I produce quality work so, my vision is clearer with a hair and makeup artist. Again my vision clearer with wardrobe styling. MORE FUCKING PEOPLE!
Now, Where are you going to shoot? Will you find it? If you do find it, is it city property and will you need a permit? Is it inside--Will you need to pay for the location?...
Even typing this all makes me want to cut my head off.

Now Scheduling: I am a very prompt person. I want a response within 12 hours maximum. 24 hours curtesy. Please don't get me started on the inconsiderate bastard fuckers who don't reply at all! And you wait, (it's getting closer to shoot date), and you wait (it's getting closer to shoot date), and you wait.... OH SHIT! Tomorrows the shoot, thank you FUCKERS ! Anyone who isn't professional and is not prompt--I will not work with again! Period. I don't care how good your shit is!

And see, I'm PISSED, and this should be something that brings good energy to me. It's MY mother fucking art!

On top of that, if I'm keeping up with the latest trends this that, I can't help to criticize myself as a model... "Why can't I lose 20 more pounds when I'm already 105lbs!?!?" "Why can't I grow an extra 8 inches?" "How come I don't have as good of bone structure as her?" "Why doesn't my agency do that for me!?!" BULL FUCKING SHIT!

Oh by the way if you want to work TFP, Pray to god that the people show up to your shoot too! Because how sad would that be if you have a makeup artist, a wardrobe stylist, and my fucking artwork on the line-- and the model is "sick" !!! Yep, the artwork is just not going to made! PERIOD. And also time to spill out your apologies to the other people that just waisted their time...

Oh, and have fun lugging around 100 pounds of equipment too!
That is why I left. Now I'm pissed off all over fucking again!!!!

The only actual JOY I receive is sitting down on my ass looking through the photographs ALONE on my computer, and editing! Peace and quiet while I stare at the photograph for hours on end, with music playing in the background! That is LOVE. That is peaceful. I just love starring at photographs. That is the BEST part of it all.

And that is why I'm starting my own retouch business.
And with dance, Where do I begin? It's a whole nother blog of joy!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Copying or Creatively Borrowing?

There was a discussion on facebook about where is the line crossed between copying and originality:

My thoughts are this:

There is nothing new under the sun and,
"If a piece is heavily inspired by another artist, respectfully give credit to them.
Also, on the other hand, no one can create something *exactly* like anyone else.  Nobody is exactly like you down to your background, life experiences, influences, and even body type (in the case of dance)…ext. And all those things (whether its apparent or not) can play role in your work"
-D. Locke

Copying is also a form of flattery. Just putting it out there...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ariellah at Lumen Obscura

She is a master at emotion and dance. I hope to one be able to get a crowd that HYPED. Damn..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beats Antique & Zoe Jakes

I've just been really obsessed with this performance. and the song of course.
I love the atmosphere, the small stage, the crowd, and her belly rolls. Lovely

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tribal Fusion Star Vorobiova Gala трайбл фьюжн

She makes Relic sooooo strong! Her attitude and personality on stage is so inspiring!
And I love what molarmama5 had to say, "... Vorobiova, has her own "trademark"style, that can best be described as pure Rachel Brice fused with elements of Mother Russia..."

Love it

"This song looks good on her body"-d. locke

I LOVE this song choice! its sooo unconventional - and so strange that I LIKE IT!
This is what I call a "this song looks good on her body" (quote:Dominique Locke) because she can move like a robot. Theres this discomfort in song, and this matching concept in the dancing! It works! I love her exit, there's some really great moments. I can't believe this is her first performance. Much love

Spain's Greatest, Aisayah

She truly understands what it means to dance slow. She is AMAZING! I mean she *gets* the music. I love how she's also well immersed in Oriental style. I've been watching her videos for the past week as well. You won't believe how hard it is to find a talented tribal fusion frequent youtuber--I haven't seen very many like her and Kendra Searls. They really stuck out.

Kendra Searls Solo-2010 Compassion Benefit

We definitely need more of her videos!
p.s. fuck the mainstream!

Matches to Paper Dolls - Kendra-The Haunted Forest 2010

I've been watching Kendra Searls videos this past week and I ADORE her music decisions! And this gives me goosebumps! I truly think she is an amazing dancer, and inspires to perform like no one else right now.  She's so fluid.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Claire Metz Fenner

Out of all the dancers that's danced to this song, I always imagine her performance. She embodies this song so well, and sooo beautifully. I wish I could see more of her performances! I love how she completely memorized those pops. I've listened to this song soo many times, and I still don't have it down.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

thoughts... as usual

I find it interesting that--

Well, maybe interesting isn't the word. I suppose its just something I need to say. I think its crazy how I've worked so hard keeping up with my studies in belly dance. And I'm kind of scared to perform through ignorance. I'm so scared I'm going to misrepresent it. I mean so many people have different opinions on what belly dance is...
And you try to keep up with everything but, like I have so much respect for it, I can't dance. Granted I don't have a costume, or made one yet. But even if I did, I still think I would be thinking the same. I dont know if anyone else feels that way or what.

And oh dear, I don't know what I'm saying...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

memory lane

Going through all of my old cds shows me that there really was a journey to where i am now. I truly cannot comprehend my existence without photographs, or things of the past.  I remember when showing devotion to band was to spend the little bit of money you had on their cds and concerts.  God, I need to look through all my concert tickets....
man. Its like you know I existed somewhere in time for a while is how it feels.
Its like I did belong somewhere, and felt that I belonged somewhere. That was metal. That's what metal gave me.
God, it was either metal, or dirty south rap. LOL!! That's like all of my cds and mixed cds...
you could tell what kind of child i was in way...
Yes, this is the R&B I had-TLC, Blaque, Aaliyah, Hip Hop Hits, Angie Martinez (lol), ext and then countless metal, Bleeding Through, Kittie, Korn, Deadsy, Opeth, Nevermore, Blind Gardian, Dimmu, Cradle, Slipknot, Black dahlia murder, american head charge, devil driver, localies-less spoken, obscura...ext. Oh man...
I just miss belonging somewhere....

But most of all, I do NOT like dwelling in the past. Which is why I am selling them. It does me nothing to live in the past, and it hinders me from growing.

So at the same time I do not like photographs, or I should say I am very very choosey with the photographs I decide to keep.

Life is about NOW.
And this shows me that I can make history within myself. within my own life. I am writing my life as I speak.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Juvenile - Ha

This is actually lit and photographed really really beautifully. I'm quite shocked. The colors are gorgeous!
The framing is amazing. It's about capturing these moments, as a photographer would. Or at least how I would if I were given a project.  It tells a story. Its actually--wow, I'm so shocked.
Like I always say a beautiful photograph has movement, and these are literally moving photographs.

My favorite moments: 1:07, 2:29 (such a quiet moment caught),

Thursday, September 1, 2011

rachel brice tribal bellydance 3

Babelesque- Kitten Pig

this scares me for some reason... the music or something it just frightens me.

Tribal Riddum- "The Rougue" Live!

sooooo happy to see that zoe has long arms like me. :D you have no idea how happy that makes me i was so self conscience about my long arms. lol

Bellydance Superstars - Live From Shanghai 15.avi

Love watching tribal drum solos. It just helps me understand the rhymns.

Bellydance Superstars - Live From Shanghai 9.avi

This is really good for me getting familiar with different drum beats...

Bellydance Superstars - Live From Shanghai 8.avi

there choreography is so good! This was really exciting.

Exciting is the word.

Bellydance Superstars - Live From Shanghai 5.avi

This is absolutely stunning. So, beautiful.
I love how they incorporated the tribal dancers with this.

This is a great interpretation of this song. I would have never thought of this.

The choreography is just on point :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

M Pardo Creations: Tribal bellydancer I

M Pardo Creations: Tribal bellydancer I: This doll outfit took me quite longer than usual, but I think the result is worth it. It's based in the american tribal bellydance s...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Coal Chamber - Rowboat

Coal Chamber, Rowboat.

This is also very beautiful to me. For 2 reasons:

I'm still in love this song
And the Energy projected, and given back.

A great performance. Makes me wanna get back to seeing concerts again.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Miss Ameerah


this is totally a video that literally only makes sense at 4am,
You're in the middle of a gigantic brainstorm, your 4th cup of coffee, sketches in all disarray, your hot, sweaty, and groggy...
and then this video makes you watch this video....
yes it just appears...

BOYZ in the BASSMENT, by Pussymonster

god i love it! just for that explanation above.

10-Count Rhythm, Semai (10/8)

I just learned Rhymns today, no prior experience.
This is kinda fun trying to figure out beats... correct me if i'm wrong but it seems like a
10-Count Rhythm, Semai (10/8)
Ayoub (zar) 2/4
( ? )
Balady 4/4
( ? )

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rachel Brice, nostalgic images

from Sally Charlton facebook 
Morgan Brackett
facebook of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

facebook of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

To see a beautiful artist's past, gives me hope for my future.
Sequoia Emmanuelle

Daniel Jung

Steven Klein, Moment in Time

[Flash 10 is required to watch video]

Westside Pistol

This is sooo scary, but It's sooo beautiful.  Steven Klein freaks me out, and I LOVE it, but somehow I'm still intrigued and engaged.  God, I think I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Klein.

Steven Klein, Movement Inspiration

[Flash 10 is required to watch video]

Coming to Interview Magazine June / July 2011.

Like a dinosaur.... I love this! 

I've been imagining movement all a long

 "A photograph should breathe like poetry.
A photograph should create a theater within the mind, it should never remain motionless.
A photograph should be liquid, fluid....
If a photograph does not move, it should sculpt.
If a photograph does not move, a beautiful photograph will be able to transfer into a fluid gesture...."
-Dominique Locke, September 2009

Gina Bruno - Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Suhaila Salimpour's student (Level 5, highest). Her vibrations are insane!
I love what Suhaila's doing with her format.

"Q: Which part does Suhaila's format change you the most?
Gina Bruno: The key differentiation of the Suhaila format is a keen attention to technique and body awareness. You don't do something because that's the only "move" you know, or can only do it at a certain speed or timing. You do something because you choose to, because the music calls for it, and you have complete body knowledge and awareness of what you're doing. A structured format makes movements/choreography easier to teach to others. If you know what you're doing, you can explain it to someone else. Suhaila will never say..."follow along and do what I do." She'll break it down muscle by muscle. It's like yoga or Pilates; attention to detail and muscular systems to understand and impart knowledge of movement. This is a groundbreaking next step to bring structure and technique to bellydance.

Q: What is the most less sense part to you in Suhaila's format?
Gina Bruno: Dancers must remember that Suhaila isn't trying to create "mini Suhaila's" - she is raising the bar for technique and knowledge of the dance. What's most important is that dancers take her technique and build from there to develop their own style, their own expression, their own creation. This format will help you learn the alphabet, syntax, and language...but you are ultimately the author of your own poetry. It must be an expression of you. The higher levels of the format begin to explore creativity, acting techniques, journaling, and integration of technique and artistic expression."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kami Liddle Interview, August 2006

click to enlarge

Photo Source: Violet Scrap Fusion Bellydance Interview Source:

Moria Chappell Interview

Be true to yourself - Interview with Moria Chappell

"Q. Please tell us which part do dance change you the most?
Moria Chappell: When I first saw a bellydancer I was mesmerized.  I couldn’t believe how beautifully she could move her hips and how graceful her arms and hands were.  I felt such liberation and joy watching her it changed me forever. I had been in University for 4 years getting my degree and just didn’t feel satisfied.  When I started bellydancing after I graduated I knew I had found my passion and was so happy to pursue it.  That was 10 years ago, and I am still just as passionate about it as I was then."

Beautiful photographs

aric keil

sara haase

(SIC) Images

(SIC) Images

Daniel Jung

(SIC) Images

(SIC) Images

B. Hockensmith Photography

Sol Crawford / Little Scarab

Monday, August 8, 2011

More makeup - April Rose

People Who Inspire Me

  • Mom
  • Marcus (brother)
  • David (love)
  • Grandpa
  • Kyna (cousin)
  • Sir aka Logic (close friend)
  • Lesley I. (my teacher)
  • Sadie Marquardt (and her pregnancy)
  • Zoe Jakes
  • Moria Chappell
  • Samantha Emanuel
  • Laura P. I. (fellow student)

Pregnancy and Belly dance

It'll be at least 6-7 more years until I would like to have a baby... So, I was really worried about dance and post-pregnancy... So Here is compilation of a few things that made me relax.

post pregnancy bellydance body? - Belly Dance Instructors -

This young lady had a child two years ago from the date this photo was taken (according to the looks of her posting on

On top that, a few belly dance and pregnancy dvd's for exercises....