Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter 2011-Cassandra School

This will be where I post about Notes each week, with Sara:

Jan. 17 week 2-
  • Work on keeping the hands in the same place ('the grocery cart') when moving my shoulders

Jan. 24 week 3-
  • Hip drops dont have to be so showy (getting that long stretch) when placing the foot back, make sure you put weight on it when the foot is stable/on the ground.
  • During footwork, try going on the balls of your feet you seem to want to do that more.
  • With snake arms, you will feel like your hunching but what thats doing is visually showing straight arms
  • A little of her lecture when talking about the hip drops: Americans feel like "do something!!!!" when they see dancers. But your staying truer to the oriental dance if the movements are settle, Middle Eastern audiences feel if you dont move from your little spot you are considered to be talented. Bellydance was ment to be down in small-small venues so you can see the movements.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hair Journey

At first I thought this wasn't belly dance related but in a way it is...
I'm going natural...

For a lot of reasons...
  1. I feel its a way of accepting myself, as I am and not changing who I am to fit a 'standard'.. I want to feel beautiful, and confident in my own skin... (I've been relaxing my hair since I can remember...)
  2. To have healthy, (non-breaking, moisturized, no split ends) hair - Relaxor & heat on the hair is soo damaging
  3. To more-effectively Grow out my hair
  4. Save money (Relaxing your hair/going to the hair dresser = expensive)
  5. Backs-up my modeling career
  6. To be mobile - To be able to take care of it myself where ever I end up going, I would like to travel and not have to worry about whether or not I can find a hair dresser/relaxor treatment where ever I'm going.
  7. For my future daughter (8-10 years from now) - Cause if I can't take care of my own hair, how can I possibly teach and take care of my future child's hair?

I think I few things really made me take the leap and the biggest thing was, I was talking to one of my modeling agencies about headshots whether or not I should take them with straight or curly hair (I could only choose one), After going back and forth with one of the bookers, The president got on the phone and said very sternly with a bit of temper, "YOU ARE UNIQUE BECAUSE OF YOUR LOOK AND YOUR NATURAL HAIR. EVERYONE CAN STRAIGHTEN THEIR HAIR BUT NOT EVERYONE HAS CURLY HAIR THE WAY YOU DO! YOU NEED TO PLAY UP YOUR ETHNICITY! YOU ARE GOING TO GET HIRED FOR YOUR CURLY HAIR, NOT YOUR STRAIGHT!"
And at that moment, it kind of hit me like a tone of bricks, I'm beautiful with my natural hair... If not more!

And another thing made me decide this, Chris Rock's 'Good Hair' movie... My god... Enough said.

And I am tired of feeling the back of my head and feeling weave.

Goal/Inspiration Photographs:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Ariellah.

I'm always searching for Ariellah interviews... She truly is sooo inspiring... I have to understand how she gets so much emotion into her dance...

"when I dance, I express the music, I look into the eyes and hearts of the audience. I take from them and they take from me and it is a perfect dance and we all rejoice in it. I give myself to them. I find that hands, and movement of the hands can be so very expressive and so I use much hand work in my dance to draw my audience in and tell them a story, take them on a journey of my love of dance and a journey of the beautiful music that rings in my ears, the music that is my muse.

Well, in fact, the music inspires me…it tells me what to do. I usually fall completely in love with a piece of music and play it over and over and over again because I love the sound, and what usually ends up happening is an outpouring, overflowing burst of ideas and visions. It happens a lot while I am driving…and then I go down into my studio and “play” with the song for hours, just simply dancing to it and allowing myself to shine through…allowing the music to dictate what I am to do. I used to count out and write down every count in the music, then I would fill in all the blanks with movements. Now it is more like I dance to the music, and then capture it on my video recorder and if there are any blanks, that is when I start using the “counting phrases” method previously mentioned. "

-Ariellah,When Goth and Bellydance Meet - Part 1

"For me personally, I tend to keep to the basic movements of belly dance and I don’t stray too far, except to bring in my own personal style and perhaps a fusion of other dance forms on top of the belly dance, but only very, very minutely. "

-Ariellah, When Goth and Bellydance Meet - Part 2

When Goth and Bellydance Meet - Part 1

When Goth and Bellydance Meet - Part 2

Friday, January 14, 2011

dancer's body - life -my journey

So, for awhile I've told myself, I really want my body to be in the right condition for belly dance....
I get on the right track, and then when the holidays popped up I lost my little routine...
And what it is, is when I think about it, it's like I want everyyyything the muscle the flexibility the strength...
and I don't know where to begin...

So, I looked up Muscle vs Flexibility, these articles were helpful...

"Flexibility is basically a Range of Motion (ROM).... Always warm-up before stretching to prevent injury... Dynamic stretching will be more effective prior to strength training... Examples of dynamic stretching include swinging your arms and rolling your shoulders, By implementing a consistent stretching program you can reduce muscle soreness and help prevent injury not only while exercising, but in everyday life tasks." -Brad Scott

Start yoga first then implement cardio, then strength training.....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


HOMAGE: to the first belly dancer to ever inspire me, Sonia Burns

The very first belly dancer that made me say "wow! I have to take lessons now", I had looked everyyywhere online to find an inspiring dancer... It took me a really long time, so if it weren't for Sonia, I would not be writing this blog right now...
So thank you for being so beautiful, Sonia.

And the very first video that inspired me....
She had a true presence that I had never seen before that made me really think this is truly an art form that I could possibly do...

And now that i look back on it, its looking very tribal fusion to me.... *YES*

Another video I would watch...

Another video I would watch.....

studying costumes 1.12.11

So, I'm still trying to understand what makes a costume look a certain belly dance style...

Key Factors, that I'm noticing:
* Bra Kind (Push up gives a more Showy/Performance/Showstopper-affect, no padding gives a more natural effect, halter vs two straps)
* Color (Muted colors/browns, maroons, blacks, tans-generally tribal fusion, Neon-generally Cabaret,
* How MUCH Decoration (The more, the more Performance-like)
* KINDS of Decoration - (Glitter = Cabaret, Muted = ATS/Tribal fusion, Small Beads (like moms)=Cabaret, Chains coming from the bra around the ribcage = VERY Tribal fusion)
* Pants VS Skirt

NOTES: Cabaret - is super matchy-matchy.
Great Resource for Ren Fest Belly Dancer -

Life inspired, necklace, collection to date 01.12.11

Soooo, my mom came home with a present for me and this necklace is sooo spot on.
David, boyfriend, made the-YES, inspired by Sharon Kihara's-necklace. (kinda obsessed with that bird skull)
But my mom, found this beautiful necklace that frames it perfectly.

Sooo, I said why not put my little collection of what I have so far to see what I have....
At first I thought ATS but its not really ats, great for ren fest '11 this coming year, but probably not the direction I want to go in when I start dancing.

But I actually hadn't seen it since I bought it, and it good to keep tabs, So, I can't wait to start making my own tops and bottoms!! (more tribal fusion, more dom)

So through some research the bra isn't really any style coz it looks a little bit of everything a little bit of Cabaret a little bit of ATS....
So, all in all its Ren Fest bellydancer hehe... I'm good with that.

Beautiful Belly Dancer 2009 AZ Ren Fest

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tribal Belts

So, at first I was gonna buy a tribal belt off ebay or this other website that I found, and I just didn't find anything I liked so...
Here's my collection on making tribal belts

Take note on my sources:

"I just made a simple version of one of these---they're really not hard at all. I got a buch of different textures of yarn--a couple different fat ones and a few delicate ones--this is totally up to you (you can also mix ribbon in with the yarn). You need to get something to attach the yarn to--I found some trim at Hancock fabrics that was about 2 inches wide and "open-weave" so I could attach my yarn right to the trim and wear it as-is. You could also attach the yarn to a long piece of cord to tie around your wairt--but you will probably want another belt or piece of fabric to go around your waist and cover up the "messy" top.

You'll need to cut each piece of yarn twice as long as you want the skirt to be. Then, fold the piece of yarn in half so the fold is at the top. Lay the folded loop of yarn down on your base/cord/whatever will go around your waist and put the two ends through the loop you've created and pull tight (this is a larks-head knot). Voila! Repeat with different pieces of yarn until it is as wide as you want it across the front of your body. You will do this again farther down your base to make the back of the skirt. Then, just tie around your hips! "
- from user: Surayyah -

Detailed Description on how she made this belt

Annnnnndddd if I ever get the patience.... Bead work Rosettes

Sunday, January 2, 2011


"So fucking heavy. Crushed my nutsack on the way in here tonight.
Just call me Flat-Balls McGraw"
-youtube user