Friday, January 21, 2011

Hair Journey

At first I thought this wasn't belly dance related but in a way it is...
I'm going natural...

For a lot of reasons...
  1. I feel its a way of accepting myself, as I am and not changing who I am to fit a 'standard'.. I want to feel beautiful, and confident in my own skin... (I've been relaxing my hair since I can remember...)
  2. To have healthy, (non-breaking, moisturized, no split ends) hair - Relaxor & heat on the hair is soo damaging
  3. To more-effectively Grow out my hair
  4. Save money (Relaxing your hair/going to the hair dresser = expensive)
  5. Backs-up my modeling career
  6. To be mobile - To be able to take care of it myself where ever I end up going, I would like to travel and not have to worry about whether or not I can find a hair dresser/relaxor treatment where ever I'm going.
  7. For my future daughter (8-10 years from now) - Cause if I can't take care of my own hair, how can I possibly teach and take care of my future child's hair?

I think I few things really made me take the leap and the biggest thing was, I was talking to one of my modeling agencies about headshots whether or not I should take them with straight or curly hair (I could only choose one), After going back and forth with one of the bookers, The president got on the phone and said very sternly with a bit of temper, "YOU ARE UNIQUE BECAUSE OF YOUR LOOK AND YOUR NATURAL HAIR. EVERYONE CAN STRAIGHTEN THEIR HAIR BUT NOT EVERYONE HAS CURLY HAIR THE WAY YOU DO! YOU NEED TO PLAY UP YOUR ETHNICITY! YOU ARE GOING TO GET HIRED FOR YOUR CURLY HAIR, NOT YOUR STRAIGHT!"
And at that moment, it kind of hit me like a tone of bricks, I'm beautiful with my natural hair... If not more!

And another thing made me decide this, Chris Rock's 'Good Hair' movie... My god... Enough said.

And I am tired of feeling the back of my head and feeling weave.

Goal/Inspiration Photographs:

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