Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life inspired, necklace, collection to date 01.12.11

Soooo, my mom came home with a present for me and this necklace is sooo spot on.
David, boyfriend, made the-YES, inspired by Sharon Kihara's-necklace. (kinda obsessed with that bird skull)
But my mom, found this beautiful necklace that frames it perfectly.

Sooo, I said why not put my little collection of what I have so far to see what I have....
At first I thought ATS but its not really ats, great for ren fest '11 this coming year, but probably not the direction I want to go in when I start dancing.

But I actually hadn't seen it since I bought it, and it good to keep tabs, So, I can't wait to start making my own tops and bottoms!! (more tribal fusion, more dom)

So through some research the bra isn't really any style coz it looks a little bit of everything a little bit of Cabaret a little bit of ATS....
So, all in all its Ren Fest bellydancer hehe... I'm good with that.

Beautiful Belly Dancer 2009 AZ Ren Fest

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