Wednesday, January 12, 2011

studying costumes 1.12.11

So, I'm still trying to understand what makes a costume look a certain belly dance style...

Key Factors, that I'm noticing:
* Bra Kind (Push up gives a more Showy/Performance/Showstopper-affect, no padding gives a more natural effect, halter vs two straps)
* Color (Muted colors/browns, maroons, blacks, tans-generally tribal fusion, Neon-generally Cabaret,
* How MUCH Decoration (The more, the more Performance-like)
* KINDS of Decoration - (Glitter = Cabaret, Muted = ATS/Tribal fusion, Small Beads (like moms)=Cabaret, Chains coming from the bra around the ribcage = VERY Tribal fusion)
* Pants VS Skirt

NOTES: Cabaret - is super matchy-matchy.
Great Resource for Ren Fest Belly Dancer -

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