Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tribal Belts

So, at first I was gonna buy a tribal belt off ebay or this other website that I found, and I just didn't find anything I liked so...
Here's my collection on making tribal belts

Take note on my sources:

"I just made a simple version of one of these---they're really not hard at all. I got a buch of different textures of yarn--a couple different fat ones and a few delicate ones--this is totally up to you (you can also mix ribbon in with the yarn). You need to get something to attach the yarn to--I found some trim at Hancock fabrics that was about 2 inches wide and "open-weave" so I could attach my yarn right to the trim and wear it as-is. You could also attach the yarn to a long piece of cord to tie around your wairt--but you will probably want another belt or piece of fabric to go around your waist and cover up the "messy" top.

You'll need to cut each piece of yarn twice as long as you want the skirt to be. Then, fold the piece of yarn in half so the fold is at the top. Lay the folded loop of yarn down on your base/cord/whatever will go around your waist and put the two ends through the loop you've created and pull tight (this is a larks-head knot). Voila! Repeat with different pieces of yarn until it is as wide as you want it across the front of your body. You will do this again farther down your base to make the back of the skirt. Then, just tie around your hips! "
- from user: Surayyah -

Detailed Description on how she made this belt

Annnnnndddd if I ever get the patience.... Bead work Rosettes

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