Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter 2011-Cassandra School

This will be where I post about Notes each week, with Sara:

Jan. 17 week 2-
  • Work on keeping the hands in the same place ('the grocery cart') when moving my shoulders

Jan. 24 week 3-
  • Hip drops dont have to be so showy (getting that long stretch) when placing the foot back, make sure you put weight on it when the foot is stable/on the ground.
  • During footwork, try going on the balls of your feet you seem to want to do that more.
  • With snake arms, you will feel like your hunching but what thats doing is visually showing straight arms
  • A little of her lecture when talking about the hip drops: Americans feel like "do something!!!!" when they see dancers. But your staying truer to the oriental dance if the movements are settle, Middle Eastern audiences feel if you dont move from your little spot you are considered to be talented. Bellydance was ment to be down in small-small venues so you can see the movements.

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