Saturday, February 19, 2011

What is dance?

I have so many ideas, so many thoughts... I love art. But, again, I have so much to say... but I will start with the question, What is dance?

Aradia kinda made me question this a bit... What is dance? And why do I feel the need to stay rooted to dance-and not veer off into movement/shapes/silhouettes (video)? That is essentially the root of my interest in dance...

To answer this question. Dance holds a direct connection with music. Music is the root, the soul of dance. I still want that connection with the music. Sure you could say the moments are still connected with the music (because inside they feel the connection), but then it becomes something else... Its no longer dance... Whatever you substract from dance, is what it decides to be more like... You say belly dance mixed with yoga, well then it starts to become yoga depending on HOW MUCH yoga you put into it... It just starts to become yoga, and your listening to music. The connection is no longer visible to the audience.

Music is my root, and will always be that is why I am animate on sticking to dance. I want to express the connection I have with the music to the audience.

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