Thursday, April 28, 2011

just been thinking about this... what makes a good dancer?

What makes a good dancer? I've been thinking about it for awhile now...

because i'm watching dancers that are experienced, w/ years behind their back, and I draw a question mark ?
They call themselves tribal fusion but their arms were terrible and above all i was bored... Its like i could see the "1, 2, and 3, 1 2 and 3"
I kind of felt sick to my stomache... I mean their muscles are there... but i just wonder how they get like that, i mean they study with legions... and i'm like "eh... it did not transfer..." :-/

I've found this conversation to be very interesting:

There are quotes that really resonated with me:

"I like a dancer that likes to improv with me. A dancer that isn't afraid to take risks and pushes me and demands the same from me. A dancer that doesn't have to be told that what we are doing is conversation and keeps the conversation interesting. This requires a very secure dancer because the limelight is on the dancer and the musician is just the frame for the dancer's picture. It is a completely symbiotic relationship where the dancer gets all of the attention from the audience, but the dancer realizes that it is a partnership and will share the applause with the musician. It is all about the dance though to the audience, and the musician MUST accept that fact.
A good dancer is playful, experimental, generous and skilled. So is a good musician. They make each other look good and get the "fire in the belly" when they work together. It is how this art form is meant to be. Recorded music is a poor (although often expedient) substitute. " -Jeffrey, from What makes a good dancer - asking musicians

"Here is my personal checklist:
1) Do you enjoy dancing?
2) Do people enjoy watching you?

That's it, that's the list.

To complicate it a bit more... If you enjoy dancing, and your joy is revealed while you dance, that is very compelling. I have seen dozens of very talented, very skilled dancers that simply bore the pants off of the audience. So technical that no one can follow them. So precise as to be machine like. So focused as to be alone on the stage. *yawns*

But, if you can connect with the audience, make it simple and fun to follow watch you, and applaud, and gasp, and cheer, then that is dancing. Some of that is stage presence. But most of that is the hard, hard work of getting past your own ego and DANCING.

I love it when a dancer, or dancers, are inclusive of the musicians in a live performance. " -Charles, from What makes a good dancer - asking musicians

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