Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goals for Ms. Jakes workshop

As my teacher said and I must remember you will not remember everything in the workshop. If you can learn and pull at least 3 new things then it was a success"
This is what I shall keep in mind..
"Fake til you make it"
Try a move before asking how to do it, you'll be surprised with what you will find

So then it becomes...
What are my purposes for taking this class? I am a beginner and this is for an intermidiate level..
My teachers will stand next to me as students, you got me?

1. Remember what my teachers have told me about workshops
2. I'm doing this to take a peak into her mind, see how she thinks, and organizes her art, so that I am aware especially from such a legend
3. To collect for my future and understand tribal better, I'm not going to understand everything but I am making metal notes for my future self.
4. Just watch her in the flesh, period. Something to look up to.
5. I wanna say, "even though I didn't know what the hell I was doing, it was fun! I tried my best!it feels great to be in that moment period"

Mainly 2 of all things

But I'm fighting for my present self...
Breathe, this is for my future, I cannot help that she was in MN @ my 8month mark.
I just don't want to be overwhelmed.

Breathe, Future self, have fun!

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