Monday, June 27, 2011

Quick Note before BEd

One thing I've noticed today, after haven't been watching a whole lot of bellydance videos this past weekend/week...

Music dictates your dancing...
It defines how you move.

I feel like (insert belly dancer here) couldn't dance to the same song as (insert different belly dancer here).
Or they could dance to it, but the song wouldn't highlight or compliment what they're good at.

The song compliments how you move.

And that's why when you choose a song to dance to, you feel like you know it, or you get it... Its because you understand it on a different level.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What is Tribal Style Bellydance

4th Time in Level One, Cassandra School

I think It's finally clicking...
This time I'm focusing on

  • Continuous/Constant Posture (Energy outward)
  • When your chest is lifted, that is when the magic happens in your hips...
  • Traveling Steps
I'm seeing things before that I didn't see...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Weightless falls
Strangers - strange this
Lights from pages
Paper thin thing 

Protected by the naked eye
Pearly sunrise

Nearly worn
Kneeling like a supplicant
Darkened skin
Afraid to see
Open lips
Keep smiling for me
Darkened skin
Afraid to see
Open lips
Keep smiling for me

Weightless cool
Fair skin - freckles 
Uncut teeth
Tranquill eyes
Bite my lips - bite my lips
Under your feet

Massive attack

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I took a workshop/Ballet workshop with Stephanie F, and I could not grasp what was happening during the workshop for the life of me...
BUT then I started dancing in the kitchen and using my head following my hands, using my eyes...
And somehow I realized its all about energy.
It isn't really dancing, its something else that I actually cannot describe...
(I'm not dancing actually, I'm inside of the emotions of the song)

And with energy comes my facial expressions.
Improv for me at least is allllll about throwing, passing, and transferring energy through my body as well as into the audience.

It's about not showing the song, but truly feeling and being INSIDE of the song....

There is this really special moment when I was improving (I video record), and I transferred most of the energy in my hand, cradled it, molded it on my way down and through it into the audience...

I can visualize the energy, and the energy is the my head its literally a ball that goes everywhere and can take over my whole body. I can let a little of it out, split it in half (some in my hands/some in my chest)..ext

I see Zoe and Ariellah, in my dancing for sure. Mainly Ariellah though.

I am soooo excited!!!!
BUT, you cannot be tired/Please Rest, and NEED a song that you truly understand, and can feel.  Massive Attack has the perfect song for passing energy. It almost makes me want to perform at the Hafla next month... But I dunno yet...

Learning learning learning... So excited!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

beautiful headpiece, ren fest ideas

Very graceful dancer of Shunyata at the TRF


So, I must say recording videos really allows you to see how much you've grown...
In three months, my arms have changed dramatically.
It used to be very hard for me to hold my arms up shoulder length for a snake arm, the flexibility has changed dramatically...
Theres so many things I need to work on But A few I'd like to focus on now:
Back bend flexibility,
Footwork/Traveling/Ballet type shit

I owe it to two things:

  1. My teachers
  2. Watching Youtube video, after Youtube video, after Youtube video

Monday, June 6, 2011

Rachel Brice Tribal Fest 2010


Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing from Paul Shirley on Vimeo.

Double Monk, Igorrr

Everything is slow...
Dark, and perfect, a mix of

My love for Berzerker...

A machine....

Its Metal, Electronic, and Bellydance... How the fuck can you get all three?
Perfect introduction to what I want to be about...

Its so perfect...
Its so strong....


Opening something,
It's now open...
Its completely open...

A real monk...
Buddhist believe: in Birth, Suffering, Death, Rebirth...
They believe that suffering is endless until you become enlightened/become a buddha.
The world is filled with pain and suffering but he has found a serenity.
You are the master, and Buddha just shows the path/he is the teacher.
Siddhartha's father gave him three lotus ponds- Red, White, and Blue
His father/king shielded him.. and eventually, he sees suffering...
They also believe in order to gain everything, you must lose everything...
Siddhartha questioned, "Why do human beings suffer? Is there any escape?"
By pushing the body to it barely functioning, you see the truth/and what truly matters, because I'm guessing the spirit is all you truly have..
Then he had a vision of a happy memory with his father, realized that they were hurting insects and felt compassion for the insects... With this he realized that he has to love everything on the earth.
But you need to be a human being in order to attain what he was looking for... In order to find the answers to life, you must trust yourself and look within.
We owe everything to the earth..

Could be the inner battle...

Invasion of heat, 
and invasion of Mara....  The battle...

A distraction, the demons playing...

More revision

My Head/The earth's heat,
The fight between I and Mara/Demons.
Meditation, They can not touch me.
I'm playing it back to them/Smiling...

More revision
A Releasing Story?

deb rubin, love this

Deb Rubin TF 11 from TrueLove Sound on Vimeo.

Friday, June 3, 2011

What not to do...

Things to remember...
  • Do not do the same move over and over again...
  • Do not walk to a spot-Dance to spot..
  • You'll do better with music if there is no voices... (but meh..)
  • See how a costume looks as a whole from far away
  • Make sure the costume makes sense with the song..
  • Please do not be in your head... (Feel the song...)