Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mardi Love - Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

She has me sooooooo engaged!! The most minimal song... and I just need to see this again!!

I remember when I first saw this, (About a year ago), I was kind of freaked out by it. It scarred me a bit. I think I had never seen a costume like that before, and the song was haunting to me at the time. Like a ghost... All I saw was ghost.

But now, its different. She has suuuch patience that I've never seen in another dancer. She really allows me to catch my breath, and remember beauty. Pure Beauty. She has such a brilliant imagination. I would never listen to this song otherwise... nor even think or imagine dancing to it.

Dance can be so noisy sometimes, where you think you have to do every little thing all at once... but she puts ground.

Such grace

its been a really long time since i've shed a tear during a VIDEO performance... a really long time.

Dusty - Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Verrry inspiring.....!!! She's got some real swagga, its amazing the things you *get* after a year of dancing,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What I learned today in class....

Dance is Love, it should not be powered by hate.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

my list of teachers

Here is the list of My teachers that have made an influence in my practice (I will be adding periodically to this list):

1st teacher ever * Mirah Ammal
Level 1 Fall 2010 - Aalim School of Dance
Performance Classes, Summer 2011 - Aalim School of Dance

*Melanie Meyer
Level 1 Fall 2010 - The Cassandra School

*Sarah Jones-Larson
Level 1 Winter, Spring, Summer 2011 - The Cassandra School

*Deb Rubin
Upper Body Therapeutics Workshop Winter 2010

*Zoe Jakes
Drills, Musicality Workshop Spring 2011

Burlesque Bellydance (1 drop in), Summer 2011

Level 1 Funkstyle Belly Dance, Summer 2011

Level 1 Tribal Fusion Winter, Spring, Summer 2011-2012  - BoHo U

*Ashley Lopez
Layers, & Combos Workshop, Summer 2011

*Jolie Roberson
Burlesque Fusion Workshop, Summer 2011

*Sofia Tribal
Monthly ATS, Workshops 2012


I continue to have dreams of performing...

My last dream... Is that I was in jail / solitary confinement. They explained to me that rabies were passing around and they gave me this insecure shot, and told me I needed more shots after that...
I had to go back to my cell... but there was a woman in my bathroom, I couldn't tell if she was a ghost, or wanted to kill me, so I couldn't go back....
they found one person and had to restrain them...

Then I was outside of this cabin like place (still in jail), saw a dancer from afar it looked like a girl that did ATS from around here, and she had a drummer... I just decided to start dancing... And I looked people in the eye all around the crowd, I actually could picture their faces, Not smiling, Most not even looking but I did not care... And kept dancing...
I felt empowered more than anything...

I had a similar dream a few months back, Where I was on a high school reunion cruise...
And I was in the basement like part of the area, They had music and set of speakers and just started dancing... Again, most no one watching, a few people that were I looked them right in the eye... I can remember them scarring back, no smiles... But I just enjoyed my moment performing...

I suppose it audiences attention should be appreciated, so you should give that attention back to them... Anyone who's watching..

You appreciate me, I appreciate you.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Love this Blog

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” — Joseph Chilton Pierce

Bellydance Paladin

I was reading this before I even knew it was Asharah... And I'm seriously just blown away... This is exactly what I needed. An affirmative that all of my thoughts, concerns, are real and visible. I questioned myself so many times about bellydance...
I'm finally able to take a deep breath... And realize I am sane.

Thank you Asharah.

The Massive Spectacular! Mardi Love 1st set 2010


Rachel Brice at Cues & Tattoos in Seattle

*gets hyper*

Workshops I'm Thinking of Saving up for....

Kami Liddle / Zoe Jakes Workshop ($120 - 30 people)
6 hours
Chicago, IL

Ariellah Weekend Workshop Intensive ($???)
Chicago, IL

Sharon Kihara 4 day Workshop Intensive ($450)
4 days - 20 hours

Sofia Tribal's Third Annual Tribal Renaissance
Carolena Nericcio and Mira Betz
Couple of Days

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kami Liddle at the tribal fest 2011

The only tribal fest video I could find...
She truly is enjoyable to watch.

Intensive Workshops To - Do List / Wish List :

SF Mecca Immersion

San Francisco, CA

the tribal massive
The Tribal Massive
Las Vegas, NV

The Massive Spectacular Showcase

Las Vegas, NV

Tribal Fest

Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive & Festival
Las Vegas, NV

North American Bellydance Convention

Flamenco Dancer, Celina Zembon

I didn't realize that, I've actually never seen this dance before... Maybe once a long time ago... But, I thought what she wrote and had to say about her video on youtube was so beautiful, and really put me at ease for some reason:

"Thanks so much to all of you. For the good comments and for the no so good comments also. Because all is energy, and the fact that you invest your time in watching my video and writing your thoughts about it is energy sent to me directly. Thanks for that, thanks for your love !

About my art; I just can say that every day I do my best, every day I give it all; sometimes it works, some times it doesn't but for me the most important thing is to be doing it !
- Youtube