Sunday, July 10, 2011

my list of teachers

Here is the list of My teachers that have made an influence in my practice (I will be adding periodically to this list):

1st teacher ever * Mirah Ammal
Level 1 Fall 2010 - Aalim School of Dance
Performance Classes, Summer 2011 - Aalim School of Dance

*Melanie Meyer
Level 1 Fall 2010 - The Cassandra School

*Sarah Jones-Larson
Level 1 Winter, Spring, Summer 2011 - The Cassandra School

*Deb Rubin
Upper Body Therapeutics Workshop Winter 2010

*Zoe Jakes
Drills, Musicality Workshop Spring 2011

Burlesque Bellydance (1 drop in), Summer 2011

Level 1 Funkstyle Belly Dance, Summer 2011

Level 1 Tribal Fusion Winter, Spring, Summer 2011-2012  - BoHo U

*Ashley Lopez
Layers, & Combos Workshop, Summer 2011

*Jolie Roberson
Burlesque Fusion Workshop, Summer 2011

*Sofia Tribal
Monthly ATS, Workshops 2012

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