Friday, October 14, 2011

Why Bellydance...

Why Bellydance?
Going through the photography process again... It's exploding the love I have for bellydance. And why I fell so in love with it.  Without explaining the whole journey to bellydance... I'm just going to explain whats most relevant..

Dance has always given me joy in hard times... I could be having the worst day but if I youtube it up, I guarantee my spirits will be lifted.

Belly dance feels right to me, no other dance form does the same thing. I love how in touch I feel in dance posture. I love feeling my weight against the ground. Interpreting music. Having full control over your practice. Getting better by your own deeds.
Seeing empowered woman of all sizes and ages dancing.  Seeing the heavy set woman, and crying over how beautiful her performance was.  Finding and feeling that peace within myself through dance.  Keeping my mind sharp.  Its not about the chaos of time, so-n-so didn't email me back the outside world. It takes time to get better and to become great! And I surprisingly accept this with all my heart.  This is the *only* thing I have ever accepted patience with.  It's much more quiet. I CAN FOCUS ON THE ART. Solely on the Art. Nothing else. That's what its about. And NOBODY can take this art away from me. Art WILL get made, as long as I, and only I do it. Belly dance allows me to create extremely freely! Dance is open space. Open space. Not all art forms are like that!

Going back to the worries I had on dance.. I say, Look at the sheer creative freedom.  Look at your schedule.  There is no explaining your concept to other people to hopefully hop on board, that's extremely limiting to your creative ability.  But with dance, its a personal journey. Love yourself! Love what moves you've leaned!
Don't focus so much on what other people are doing, Watch the people that truly inspire you to dance. Don't watch or take a class because so-n-so telling me to. NO, this is your *own* journey and nobody else's! Do what feels right.

It's about self love and personal journey.
That's what it's about for me.
I'm developing a renewed appreciation. <3
And I have a smile shining on my face...

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