Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zoe. + Logic- Just Another Day



I think I watched Zoe's dancing w/ Sir's song at least 10 times....
And I dunno how many times I've listened to just another day... but when I listen to a song i really like I start thinking about how i'd dance to it.... and somehow zoe's video popped in my head...

i think this song has the vibe of how i've been feeling lately... just... yea know -_- ......

truthfully i've been so focused on dance these last few days... and been so in love, i can't leave it but at the same time i feel like "what are thinking? you're supposed to be working on your business... n shit..."
I just feel terrible

but when i listen to this song and her dancing, it fills some kind of void.... it fills something....  >_>

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