Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We now interrupt the regular scheduled programming: For Beauty, Influenster!!!! :)

Soooo, Skin care and makeup are essential must-haves in my life. It is very important to me to take care of skin especially as I'm approaching my mid-20's.  I don't care how broke I am, after food & water, I'm going to take care of my skin. Not clothes, Not hair (even though thats very close 3rd important), Not Nails, Not even bellydance (yes, I said it, and the only reason I said it is because I can bellydance for free when I pop in an instructional DVD--if it gets that bad), But YES, Skincare! A few months ago, I signed up for Influenster after watching a few beauty gu-ru's youtube videos.  [Note: In short, It's a free subscription service, and they basically send you free samples of new products as long as you give them a review of the products.]
So, This month I got my first MAY BEAUTY VoxBox by Influenster:

SOYJOY In Strawberry Bar: I love how healthy it's supposed to be for you.. Kinda wheat-ee tasting at the end. But i like that wheat crunchyness! This will be a great snack during a bellydance workshop. It is soft, and bread-like. I wish I could taste more of the strawberries though. Its reminds me of  a wayyyyyy better much healthier version of nutrigrain bar-- After this soyjoy bar I will NEVER buy nutrigrain again.

Moonlight Path Fine Fragrance Mist: WOW! this is full size! thank you influenster! lol. It's a darker scent than something I'd usually wear. My signature go-to scent is very girly, super candy-like stuff I wish I could eat. lol!! So this is like the evening-version of "that". It's kinda baby-powder-ee too, I love how it sprays! lol Definitely something I'd wear more at night all year around. Or definitely, going to concert or a bar.  Smells great! I'm just glad I didn't get stuck with like lemony sent or "fresh cotton" linen type scents. ick!

ChapStick LipShied SPF 50+:  OMG!!!! I was JUST about to buy some ultra SPF crap for my lips. And just decided not to. SPF should be everyone's best friend!!! Definitely has a lemony smell. It's moisturizing. I'm just happy its crazy SPF. 

Sheer Cover Concealer: When they say sheer cover they mean it. It's a duo set so it has light/medium, but honestly when I put it on it can't tell the difference between the two.  Maybe it might be because i didn't put on enough, I don't know. But for concealer, I usually wear MAC, so this is much much lighter weight than I'm used to for concealer. I put it under my eyes so we'll see if it irritates me. I have very sensitive skin btw.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects: Real Nail Polish Strips: TBD

Aveeno: Daily Moisturizing Body Wash:  TBD, as I've said before I have really sensitive skin, to the point where I can only use non-scented body wash and clothing detergent. :( boo!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Illan & Rachel Brice at Tribal Fest 12

Really? Amazing!
When I see performances like these... I get that poking, that knock in my head, "This stuff needs to be filmed." Filmed as in the film needs to be just as beautiful as the performance....
I need to get a Canon T3i, with the video capability...
It's been in my head since senior year of college... I truly don't know whats holding me up...
I know when I get an image in my head I wont stop til its perfect and filming is similar but different enough where it will be a learning curve....

Monday, May 7, 2012

A lot has happened since Sunday, April 29th, 2012.

My brother, my twin, was diagnosed with cancer this week....

And, what can I say... Where do i begin...

1. The Lord 2. Love & Blessings from my husband, family, and friends 3., yes bellydance.

Because this diary focuses on bellydance, I will tell you how it has impacted me so much.
Being deprived of bellydance inspiration videos for a week--during the longest week of my life, I was able to look at it on a spiritual level.
Bellydance means something to me on a very very deep level. And I still have no idea what or how, or when or why...

The first few days all I could watch and listen to was:

The last few days all I could watch and listen to was:

I feel like this experience will make me a better dancer..
I wish I could articulate my thoughts so much more, 

To watch was to heal. It continued to heal, because it was patient. and that is what I had originally saw in tribal.
And to focus on her hands, it was healing. It was telling me to be patient, and he will heal.
And the drums, And every movement, was like a different method or a different part  of his healing process.
But you must be patient. All of the jewelry is so much more vibrant, less like an outfit and more of armor, or a princess.  Her hands were even more vibrant than they already were.
and the music, all played a roll in playing in my head in the background this entire time...

Friday, April 27, 2012

Zoe Jakes Solo Bellydance Live at the Vagabond 2012

Recent Zoe Jakes.... Amazing. k.

Listen up, dancers:
Her face is on, just as much as her body is on...
With an amazing dancer, you could just film only her face, and it would still be an amazing performance.
No body needed...
Watch this video you will understand exactly what I mean by this.

So, in conclusion, if a professional videographer (thats not too bellydance-savvy) keeps zooming up on your face, take that as a compliment. I noticed that with a few Rachel brice videos.

P.S. This was amazing live!!! O MY DEAR--#$@^&%*--- yeah, I wanted to record the performance so bad but sometimes, you have to just Enjoy the performance. And thats exactly what I did, well worth it too.

Recent: :) Samantha Emanuel in Tallinn

Awww I wanted to see more :)
I was :( that was it? Nooo. More more Encore Encore!!!
She is so cute and you can tell she has utter fun on stage!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Susanna Goldenstein: Zoe Jakes

Such inspiring photographs!

(Above) One of my favorite photographs of zoe jakes, and one of my favorite photographs period. It's exactly how I see her.  

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stage Presence By Amira Jamal: Lift, look up and beyond, and smile

Best Article I've read yet about stage presence. A Must Read.

"Speaking of energy: If you want to think of the audience as giving off energy, think of that collective energy as floating up away from the people into the air. A dancer's energetic field floats around her and above her. The magic of stage presence is how to get the dancer's energy out into the audience, and how to engage the energy of the audience. By looking out OVER the audience, rather than directly at the audience, your energetic field will float over and out above the audience to mingle with the energy of the audience. That is how to get a dynamic exciting experience going between the audience and the performer.
As an example, I will dance for a minute or two with the finest technique but no lift, then will do nothing but walk around the room, but with the magic lift. Invariably the consensus is that, for entertainment, they would rather watch a technically "inferior" dancer if that dancer has stage presence. It is a more engaging, dynamic, and fun performance for the audience, than a performance by a dancer who might be technically skilled, but who slouches, doesn't lift, doesn't look over and out, etc. (Of course let me issue the disclaimer here that it is ALWAYS good to be a technically skilled dancer!) "

-Stage Presence - Part 1, by Amira Jamal

"Lift, look up and beyond, smile (but don't paste it on - music is so complex your facial expressions must reflect the various strands of the melody), and TAKE YOUR TIME. One other element in your stage presence package: Pacing yourself and not being too busy. If you think of yourself as an artist, and that your dance is a picture (in motion, of course), think of what you would rather look at: a serene painting (not a still life, but something that has organized color, texture, and a recognizable theme) or scribbling done by a young child...
 A dancer who is experiencing the dance as it happens - as the music is converted to movement, is in for a wonderful treat, as is her audience."

-Stage Presence - Part 2, by Amira Jamal

Zoe Jakes Solo Bellydance Live at the Vagabond 2012

*Small Clip I took, Beats Antique Zoe Jakes @The Brick, Minneapolis MN

I got the awesome chance to see Beats Antique this weekend,
And zoe has ENERGY! She owns the stage. Owns AURA. Owns the Music.
It's all about Energy. And in some youtube performance clips she'll makes this crazy face with her tongue sticking real life.....
I got chills. It was so so Powerful. (It reminded me of one of those demon thingys that you see in paintings) I had never seen anything like that. It's the biggest thing that stands out in my mind throughout her entire performance. And a lot of things stood out!
There is a sense of no self-judgement, she is completely open/free on stage... I didn't get the feeling that she had the thoughts of "omg should i have done that?" lol. Like the stage seems like a very comfortable place for her to create and experiment with her art.
One thing I remember saying to myself while watching, "Another dancer could be doing the exact same moves and technique but if she didn't have the energy/personality/stage presence I would by no means be enchanted by her. Not one bit." Her energy + Bass is amazing!!!!!

she's really good at drawing in space.

Lemme tell ya, it is so different when the music and the bass fills an entire building. Its very very empowering to hear your music that loud! And to finally feel the bass in your body. That was my favorite part of performing.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Zoe & Faisal at TribalCon 8

My new favorite! She gets better and better,  I didn't think that was possible. I mean her muscle control is ridiculous!!
I hope to one day be that dedicated to my body.

كيتى فوتساتى - Katy, I love this! This makes me so happy

Oh my lord this makes me ridiculously happy!
This really inspires me, I would love to dance in movies!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Dream Job... I finally said it.

Right now,

This video is my dream job.

Yes, It would be so cool to backup dance for Britney Spears one day in a music video.I honestly think she is so amazing! I love her music it's so fun and positive!!

Dance in Music Videos. Not backup dance on tour--I said,... Dance in Music Videos!

It's got my love for modeling/cameras/lights/hair-makeup/costuming/cut-stop-redo i.e. directors direction/Physical Product...and dance. I think I feel theres a sense of accomplishment and "finished-ness" in photography/video opposed to performances. 

Thats so hard for me to say, this past few weeks have been torture. but for some reason, tonight it clicked.
And talking to my husband helped 110%, he made me take a step back and get out of my head.  I could never have picked myself back up without his encouragement. I'm so so blessed to have him. I'm taking a yoga/ballet class on Monday, and seeing where my future studio goes ;)

Belly Dancers of Film

How hot is she! I love this!!!! I hope one day I become casted as a belly dancer. or dancer at that on a movie.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rachel Brice - Salon L'Orient

Another video I've been watching the past few weeks! <3

Rachel Brice - Salon l'Orient

This has sent tears down my face almost every time I watch it, but mind you I only watch it on special occasions. <3 :)


I'm into Entertainment.

Well, I've always been inspired by most anything involving dolls! Yeah.

Justina Bubble Gum

I'm into Entertainers! I am perplexed yet entertained.

Yes, I'm totally digging the white-girl rappin over some old'skoo-soundin rap beats, that seems to be takin over right now lol

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lindsey Pavao vs. Lee Koch: "Heart-Shaped Box"

Not dance, But A Beautiful Performance.
It sends chills down my spine to watch this duet.
I really wish iTunes had the duet. Because Lee killed that shit!!!!!

I loved Heart Shaped Box, nirvana original anyway, so to watch their interpretations was sooo interesting! Loved it!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

dominique locke?

So who is the person behind this blog?
I suppose I havent formally introduced myself... My name is Dominique Locke.
I live in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, USA.
I started my first belly dance class in October 2010, after graduating from MCAD in Photography.
I honestly went to the class on a whim, I told myself, "if you hate this we'll pay for this class only, and you will never have to see the light of a dance studio ever again."
I found Rachel Brice on youtube, and I said "oh i need to learn this"
Its taken over ever since... At first I was really bitter about it, because I kinda felt like I was "cheating" on photography... But now I know I can't live with out dance.

My goal is to eventually create my own dance/music video. That has always been in my head since the photography era...

its hard to explain when youre in it.
but my blog is really to keep a log of everything that inspires me, and hopefully will inspire others as well...

I dont really know what people wanna hear in these things so, yea....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Metal means my life.

Metal reminds me that I existed somewhere in time before.

I feel more present. And always represented strength for me.
I promised and knew it would never leave me,
And every time I go back I feel more at home, a cocoon.

Metalhead at heart,
That is the whole reason I resonate with the slowness of tribal fusion style.
When ever I listened to dimmu I would always envision a woman moving slow dispite all the choas of the drums and sounds that surround metal,
But I never knew how to express that vision.

Dance will come full circle.
The beauty of metal will come full circle.
I promise.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jawn Ha - Daddy's lambo: Yelawolf (MOS Wanted crew, GRV)

Damn. i dunno what just happened, but it made sense. haha

Sharon kihara.wmv

Rachel Brice in Chicago

nuff said.

;) Severe inspiration.... More to come ;)

Joey Jordison - "Disasterpiece" Drum Cam (Widescreen HQ)

Going back in time for a moment here...
i had a dream.. that i went back to drumming... I couldn't set my kit up for nothing... the band was yelling, and I said "stfu!! dance took over!!" and I was frantic trying to remember everything!! lol

Which lead to looking up Joey Jordison.. I was CRAZY about him in the day!!!! CRAY-ZEEEEE ABOUT HIM!!! <33333333

Friday, February 10, 2012

Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody

The first choreography I ever learned by heart.
My friend would call me at house phone, sayin turn to MTV your videos on!!!
Trying to get it all on tape and then trying to learn from what I caught on tape!! hehe..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Imersão com Sharon Kihara em Joao Pessoa

I like this song and watching this <3

I never looked at my life this way....

"I'm lost but all I can tell ya is:
I get up - Dance is on my mind, I literally don't stop thinking about it all day... even if I don't feel like practicing, I'll end up dancing or working on belly rolls in my bed right when I think I'm going to fall asleep.

When I try to focus, I work on my photo retouching business, Deux Trois Retouch, that's gonna *cross your fingers* bring my rent money sooner better than later.

Standing 5'3", and getting modeling jobs represented by 3 different modeling agencies is a fucking miracle! Dont get me started...

Mr. David P. S. keeps me sane -- I would be a reck without him.

Don't know anything else .... fuck it!"

-dominique locke

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beats Antiques8

I've been watching this performance a lot lately...
It's totally where I'd like to be sometime.