Sunday, April 15, 2012

Zoe Jakes Solo Bellydance Live at the Vagabond 2012

*Small Clip I took, Beats Antique Zoe Jakes @The Brick, Minneapolis MN

I got the awesome chance to see Beats Antique this weekend,
And zoe has ENERGY! She owns the stage. Owns AURA. Owns the Music.
It's all about Energy. And in some youtube performance clips she'll makes this crazy face with her tongue sticking real life.....
I got chills. It was so so Powerful. (It reminded me of one of those demon thingys that you see in paintings) I had never seen anything like that. It's the biggest thing that stands out in my mind throughout her entire performance. And a lot of things stood out!
There is a sense of no self-judgement, she is completely open/free on stage... I didn't get the feeling that she had the thoughts of "omg should i have done that?" lol. Like the stage seems like a very comfortable place for her to create and experiment with her art.
One thing I remember saying to myself while watching, "Another dancer could be doing the exact same moves and technique but if she didn't have the energy/personality/stage presence I would by no means be enchanted by her. Not one bit." Her energy + Bass is amazing!!!!!

she's really good at drawing in space.

Lemme tell ya, it is so different when the music and the bass fills an entire building. Its very very empowering to hear your music that loud! And to finally feel the bass in your body. That was my favorite part of performing.

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