Friday, April 27, 2012

Zoe Jakes Solo Bellydance Live at the Vagabond 2012

Recent Zoe Jakes.... Amazing. k.

Listen up, dancers:
Her face is on, just as much as her body is on...
With an amazing dancer, you could just film only her face, and it would still be an amazing performance.
No body needed...
Watch this video you will understand exactly what I mean by this.

So, in conclusion, if a professional videographer (thats not too bellydance-savvy) keeps zooming up on your face, take that as a compliment. I noticed that with a few Rachel brice videos.

P.S. This was amazing live!!! O MY DEAR--#$@^&%*--- yeah, I wanted to record the performance so bad but sometimes, you have to just Enjoy the performance. And thats exactly what I did, well worth it too.

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