Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We now interrupt the regular scheduled programming: For Beauty, Influenster!!!! :)

Soooo, Skin care and makeup are essential must-haves in my life. It is very important to me to take care of skin especially as I'm approaching my mid-20's.  I don't care how broke I am, after food & water, I'm going to take care of my skin. Not clothes, Not hair (even though thats very close 3rd important), Not Nails, Not even bellydance (yes, I said it, and the only reason I said it is because I can bellydance for free when I pop in an instructional DVD--if it gets that bad), But YES, Skincare! A few months ago, I signed up for Influenster after watching a few beauty gu-ru's youtube videos.  [Note: In short, It's a free subscription service, and they basically send you free samples of new products as long as you give them a review of the products.]
So, This month I got my first MAY BEAUTY VoxBox by Influenster:

SOYJOY In Strawberry Bar: I love how healthy it's supposed to be for you.. Kinda wheat-ee tasting at the end. But i like that wheat crunchyness! This will be a great snack during a bellydance workshop. It is soft, and bread-like. I wish I could taste more of the strawberries though. Its reminds me of  a wayyyyyy better much healthier version of nutrigrain bar-- After this soyjoy bar I will NEVER buy nutrigrain again.

Moonlight Path Fine Fragrance Mist: WOW! this is full size! thank you influenster! lol. It's a darker scent than something I'd usually wear. My signature go-to scent is very girly, super candy-like stuff I wish I could eat. lol!! So this is like the evening-version of "that". It's kinda baby-powder-ee too, I love how it sprays! lol Definitely something I'd wear more at night all year around. Or definitely, going to concert or a bar.  Smells great! I'm just glad I didn't get stuck with like lemony sent or "fresh cotton" linen type scents. ick!

ChapStick LipShied SPF 50+:  OMG!!!! I was JUST about to buy some ultra SPF crap for my lips. And just decided not to. SPF should be everyone's best friend!!! Definitely has a lemony smell. It's moisturizing. I'm just happy its crazy SPF. 

Sheer Cover Concealer: When they say sheer cover they mean it. It's a duo set so it has light/medium, but honestly when I put it on it can't tell the difference between the two.  Maybe it might be because i didn't put on enough, I don't know. But for concealer, I usually wear MAC, so this is much much lighter weight than I'm used to for concealer. I put it under my eyes so we'll see if it irritates me. I have very sensitive skin btw.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects: Real Nail Polish Strips: TBD

Aveeno: Daily Moisturizing Body Wash:  TBD, as I've said before I have really sensitive skin, to the point where I can only use non-scented body wash and clothing detergent. :( boo!!!!

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